Are you looking to try aerial for the first time?

Struggling with a skill that you just don’t understand?

Wanting to get stronger and improve your technique?

The Regular Person's Guide to
Aerial Conditioning at Home

New to aerial and not sure how to practice at home?

Struggling with “basic” skills, such as straddle ups, climbing, or front balance?

Feel like you don’t understand what your coach is asking you to do?

Is there a disconnect between what you understand and what your body can do?

Stuck in what feels like an endless cycle of injuries no matter what you do?

Trying to get back into the air after baby and worried that your core isn’t strong enough yet?

Hurry! This course begins on February 1, 2021.


Do you want to move with less pain?
Ready to feel stronger and more confident in your body?
Had a baby and need some help finding your core?