Flamenco grip tutorial

Flamenco grip can be a tricky position to get comfortable with. And for good reason! It’s putting the shoulder, elbow, and wrist in positions that may be challenging for you because of strength and mobility restrictions, or because of previous injuries.

And even if you don’t have any physical limitations, I find that it’s often been introduced without being broken down. And that just makes it UGH.

So I made a quick tutorial that will hopefully help you break it down a bit more, and give you a better idea of whether or not this skill is going to be accessible to you.

Please enjoy the terrible screenshot I used for my YouTube thumbnail.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, and want to dig deeper into flamenco grip as well as a whole bunch of other common aerial pathways, get on the waitlist for my online course Aerial for Nerds!

If you’ve got more questions about flamenco, or other basic aerial skills, comment or email me! I might just make a whole tutorial for you!

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