I’m going on the road!

Those that know me in person or who follow me on IG may know that I have recently, at age 43, learned how to drive and gotten my first driver’s license.

Yes, I really have spent most of my life not knowing how to drive a car.

And what better way to celebrate my recently received license by buying myself a car and driving it across the country!


But hey, my questionable decision making means that I may be in a city near you soon! Because I’m going to be teaching workshops as I make my way across the country, and I’d love to see you if I’m passing nearby.

So far, here are my stops:

June 23rd

Charlotte, NC

Private lessons at Bloom Movement Artistry

June 24th-25th

Asheville, NC

Workshops at Empyrean Arts

June 30th

St Louis, MI

Workshops at Bumbershoot Arts

July 1st

St Louis, MI

Workshops at St Louis Aerial Collective

July 8th-9th


Details TBA

I’ll be keeping this page on my site updated with all the workshops descriptions and details, and as soon as I get confirmation about Minneapolis I’ll add it!

I will be sending dispatches from the road detailing my trip and various deep thoughts. And I’ll definitely be posting my various adventures on IG.

If you’ve got any suggestions of things I absolutely have to check out on my route, send them my way!

If you can’t make any of these in person workshops, my online course Aerial for Nerds will be opening for pre-sale really soon.

I’m super excited about this course. I’m taking the core curriculum around pathways that I’ve developed over the last 10 years and turning it into a 6 week program. 

There will only be 6 spots for this course, so you’ll definitely want to be on the waitlist to make sure you get the chance to sign up! 

Wish me luck on my epic journey, and I hope to meet some of you in person soon!

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